FAQ — PGY1 Pharmacy Residency at Memorial Regional Medical Center

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the residency year begin?

The residency year begins on the last Monday in June. 

What are a few advantages of having rotations available at multiple locations?

Availability of rotations at several program sites enables a wide range of specialty rotations to be offered. For instance, since St. Mary’s Hospital and Richmond Community Hospital have inpatient behavioral health units, residents may take this elective at one or both sites. Memorial Regional Medical Center and St. Mary’s Hospital have cardiac internal medicine and NICU/pediatrics service lines, respectively, and, therefore, the program also offers these electives. St. Francis Medical Center’s internal medicine rotations provide pharmacy residents with the unique opportunity to collaborate with medical residents. 

Another advantage of having multiple site locations is that residents can experience a different service line and/or site for any second rotation they complete. For instance, if a resident had an Internal Medicine I rotation at Memorial Regional Medical Center, he or she may have an Internal Medicine II elective rotation at Memorial Regional Medical Center (in different care centers), St. Mary’s Hospital, or St. Francis Medical Center. 

Additionally, the amount of rotations offered permits each resident to complete block rotations in an environment where he or she is the only resident with the preceptor(s) at the time. Consequently, residents have the comradery of being part of a program with four residents but also the individualized learning structure. 

What is the staffing requirement for residents?

Throughout the year, residents staff at one of the two main residency program sites: Memorial Regional Medical Center or St. Mary’s Hospital. The staffing frequency is every other weekend, and residents also work one spring holiday (Labor Day or Memorial Day) and one winter holiday (Thanksgiving or Christmas). Site and holiday staffing preferences are considered. 

What are the main differences between staffing locations?

Oftentimes, incoming residents submit preference for one staffing location over the other based upon the hospital’s proximity to where in Richmond, VA, they would like to live and their pharmacy interests. While both Memorial Regional Medical Center and St. Mary’s Hospital are located in the Richmond, VA, region, the sites are approximately a 20-minute drive from each other. Additionally, St. Mary’s Hospital serves large adult and pediatric populations while a majority of patients at Memorial Regional Medical Center are adults. Memorial Regional Medical Center residents also typically work in the IV room in addition to the central pharmacy while residents staffing at St. Mary’s Hospital work primarily in the central pharmacy during staffing shifts.     

Is there a mentorship program?

In addition to rotation and project preceptors, each resident selects a yearly advisor. The yearly advisor provides mentorship throughout the PGY1 year. Additionally, residents have regular meetings and check-ins with the Residency Program Director. Our program leadership has an “open-door policy” and encourages residents to reach out for any assistance or questions. 

How are residents given feedback?

Formally, residents receive feedback in PharmAcademic at the end of each learning experience and quarterly for longitudinal rotations. The Residency Program Director also meets with residents for a formal check-in each quarter. Residency leadership and preceptors provide real-time feedback throughout the residency year, and block rotation preceptors lead informal feedback sessions at least weekly during rotations. 

Residents are also encouraged to ask residency team members for advice on what skills to further develop and to provide feedback to the residency leadership team.

Where do your residents go after PGY1 graduation?

Over the past several years, most of our graduates have either continued on to PGY2 residencies or obtained employment at one of our Bon Secours Mercy Health sites.