When you know you need more than a bandage or an aspirin, but you do not require the care of an emergency room, then a trip to a Bon Secours Urgent Care is the perfect solution.

Urgent care centers provide treatment for the non-life threatening illnesses and injuries that occur on a day-to-day basis. Staff is equipped to handle a variety of illnesses and injuries, from colds and flu to lacerations and fractures.

There are several main differences between urgent care and the emergency room. A hospital’s ER is staffed 24-hours a day and designed to treat patients suffering from life-threatening injuries or serious illnesses. In contrast, our urgent care centers are designed to treat non-life threatening injuries (lacerations, mild fractures, etc.) and illnesses (colds, flu, migraines, etc.) in a manner more efficient than if those same ailments were treated in an ER.

Urgent care should be used for any medical illness or injury deemed as urgent. It is best to receive direct attention rather than waiting days or weeks for an appointment with a family doctor or for waiting times behind more serious issues found in a hospital ER.

Why Choose Bon Secours?

Save time, save money and avoid unnecessary trips to the emergency room. Bon Secours knowledgeable health care professionals can assist you with all of your urgent health needs in several convenient locations.

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