Bon Secours Health System’s philosophy is to provide holistic care to meet the total needs – body, mind and spirit – of persons served throughout the continuum of care.

The System embraces spiritual care as integral to its mission. A commitment to spiritual care expresses the heart of Bon Secours’ ministry, and it permeates all levels of service and care giving within the system. A holistic and compassionate expression of spiritual care gives tone and texture to all words and actions expressed on behalf of those who are poor, sick and dying.

In both formal and informal ways, all co-workers communicate the importance and significance of spiritual care by internalizing the values that characterize this ministry. Spiritual care leaders and chaplains by virtue of their role give explicit witness to these values by their compassionate ministerial outreach. They eagerly seek to encourage and promote holistic healing and growth by providing professional spiritual support, guidance and presence.

Drawing on its religious foundations, Bon Secours prides itself on offering faith-based services to all -- providing emotional support, comfort, encouragement and spiritual aid to those in need.

Spiritual Care Services provide support for patients and family members and staff through counseling, bedside visitation and prayer. Our Spiritual Care staff members are knowledgeable in assisting with end-of-life issues and ethical dilemmas.