Bon Secours is committed to protecting the privacy of health information we create or receive about you. Health information that identifies you includes your medical record and other information relating to your care or payment for care.

Our Notice of Privacy Practices

Bon Secours will provide you with a Notice of Privacy Practices (Notice) that explains our privacy practices and your rights regarding your health information. The first time you receive care on or after September 23, 2013, you will receive a copy of our current Notice and a request to acknowledge its receipt. Bon Secours may need to change its privacy policies and practices from time to time and will update the Notice accordingly.

If you would like a paper copy of our Notice you may ask for a copy from any Bon Secours location. The Notice is also available here on our website for your convenience.  Simply click on the button below in your region to view and print a copy of our current Notice.


Hampton Roads


St. Petersburg 

Your Rights Regarding Your Health Information

An important part of the Notice is the section that explains your rights regarding your health information. Our Notice explains that you (or your personal representative) have the right to:

  • Inspect or receive a copy of your medical record(s)

  • Request an amendment or an addendum to the information in your medical record(s)

  • Request an accounting of hospital disclosures

  • Request restrictions

  • Request confidential communications

Care Everywhere

Bon Secours uses an electronic medical record system called Epic. Epic contains functionality called “Care Everywhere.” Care Everywhere is a fast and convenient way for healthcare providers to share information about their patients for the purpose of getting up-to-date information to help make decisions about care.

You can learn more about Care Everywhere by downloading the FAQs document.

You can see a complete list of other Epic customers here – if you receive care from any organizations on this list, they may use Care Everywhere to request your information from Bon Secours Health System.

Carequality is a collaborative of healthcare organizations using a common set of standards and specifications for secure health information sharing using Care Everywhere. A full list of participating members can be found here.