The program includes the following:

  • Coverage of Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) sports team and training room
  • Randolph Macon College event coverage
  • Richmond Kicker Pro soccer team coverage
  • Coverage of local high school team
  • Coverage of medical tent at Monument 10K (approx. 30,000 racers)
  • PPE for 9 high schools
  • Attend AMSSM meeting
  • Weekly sports medicine conference
  • Monthly cadaver lab for US guided procedures
  • Attend annual VCU sports medicine meeting

Graduated or eligible to graduate in good standing from an accredited Family Medicine Internal Medicine, Med/Peds, and PMR residency program. Eligible applications will submit applications to the fellowship program which will be reviewed by the selection committee. Selected applicants will then be invited for a personal interview. The selection committee will then rank the applicants. Selection process will be performed by the match process. The fellowship reserves the right to accept candidates outside of the match.


  • Primary sports medicine
  • Rotations with 3 local orthopedic groups 
  • PMR
  • PT

Salary & Benefits
Salary: $62,782
CME Funds for PGY4: $1,250 
Yearly stipend for mileage: $2,000

Fellows receive or may purchase benefits, including health insurance (medical, dental and vision), maternity/paternity leave, retirement and disability insurance. Meals will be provided in conjunction with educational/didactic and mandatory conferences. Vacation: All Residents receive 27 days during each academic year for vacation, holidays (including time off around Christmas), CME, sick days and future job searches.

Recruitment Benefits

  • Access to Up-To-Date Information
  • Access to Bon Secours online library and VCU online library