At Bon Secours, we know that your first year of nursing practice can be challenging. It doesn’t take long to see that nursing school and real-life nursing practice are very different. That’s why we created the  Bon Secours Nurse Residency Program (RN). Our 12-month program guides you through your first year as a new to practice nurse, filling the gap between nursing school and real-life practice.

This immersive program provides a safe environment for you to ask questions, network with other new nurses, and transition into the next step in your clinical practice. 

No more lectures! Gain confidence and experience while getting support from seasoned nurse mentors and specialty content experts. Sessions cover all the things they couldn’t put in the textbooks; family dynamics, patient safety, critical-thinking, evidence-based decision making, and leadership development.  


New to practice professional registered nurses who are graduates of an accredited nursing program, with graduation date less than 1 year, and are moving into their first professional nursing position in an acute care setting.

How to Apply 

Get started by visiting our careers page and applying for an open RN – New Graduate position.

Positions are available in Maryland, Kentucky, South Carolina, and Virginia.

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Who is eligible for the Nurse Residency Program? 
New to practice nurses who are graduates of an accredited nursing program, with graduation date < 1 year, and are moving into their first professional nursing position in an acute care setting. 

How do I apply for the Nurse Residency Program? 
Visit and apply for the open New Graduate Nurse job position. 

If I have experience as a RN, will I need to participate in the Nurse Residency Program? 
The Nurse Residency Program is intended for new to practice RNs who are newly graduated and have not worked as a RN in any capacity. As an experienced RN, we have many opportunities that may interest you. 

How long is the program? 
It is a 12-month program with one 4-hour session per month. 

Am I required to attend all 12 program sessions? 
Yes, you are expected to attend all 12 sessions. You will need 100% attendance if you intend to apply into the clinical ladder program immediately following completion of the residency program. 

If I miss a session, will I have an opportunity to make it up?
It is highly recommended that you attend the classes as scheduled, especially because you will want to participate with your cohort. However, in an emergent situation, we will attempt to schedule you for an alternate session. Please let us know as soon as possible if such a situation arises. 

What will we experience during sessions? 
No more lectures! Our sessions are interactive and informative! You will have the opportunity to participate in group discussions, networking activities, and hands-on demonstrations. You will also have the opportunity to complete an evidence-based practice project of your choice. 

Will I be able to gain experience in specialty areas during the NRP?
Along with participation in residency sessions, you will complete nursing orientation, be validated in appropriate competencies, and participate in skills fairs and classes in your areas of interest, such as:

  • Critical Care Course
  • Certification preparation courses
  • Leadership courses 

If I am hired as a RN Resident, will I be paid and eligible for benefits? 
Yes, most RNs are hired into a full-time, 0.8 or 0.9 FTE position. As a full-time employee, you are eligible for and may take advantage of employee benefits including health, dental, and much more! In addition, RNs who accept employment on a designated medical/surgical unit are eligible for our Student Loan Employer Contribution Program. Ask a recruiter for more details!

If hired as a RN Resident, what shifts and/or hours will I work?
If you are offered a job as RN Resident, the shift and hours will be discussed during the offer.

Do you offer shift and weekend differentials to new-to-practice RNs?
Yes, if you are hired into a position that is eligible for shift differential, then you will receive the appropriate
differential for the shift that you work

Can I take vacation or leave while in the Nurse Residency Program?
Yes. Leave time is accrued each pay period and can be used for vacation. Leave should be scheduled
with your manager when at all possible.

What if I haven’t taken the NCLEX or do not yet have my results? Can I still be hired into the Nurse
Residency Program?

While you can be hired with your RNA letter in Bon Secours Virginia, you will not be able to enter a
Nurse Residency Program cohort until you have passed the NCLEX and have your license.
In South Carolina, Kentucky, and Maryland, you must have your RN license in order to start a position
with us.

What if I have taken NCLEX but did not pass?
If you are hired into a RN position in Bon Secours Virginia with your RNA letter and did not pass the
NCLEX, you will be transitioned into a Patient Care Technician position while you study and wait to retest.