Housing and Community Development

Bon Secours Community Works is committed to improving quality of life for West Baltimore residents through a place-based strategy addressing physical, social, structural and economic conditions. Our Housing and Community Development department provides safe, affordable, high-quality housing and resources for individuals, families, senior citizens and people living with disabilities. We build state-of-the-art facilities and renovate existing rowhomes into low-to moderate income housing. We also collaborate with neighborhood residents and facilitate the creative development of places cast in their vision, in pursuit of strong, sustainable communities for people to live, work and play.

This department provides the following programs and services:

Affordable Housing Services
Bon Secours Community Works currently owns and operates over 800 units of high-quality affordable housing within 8 developments, supporting families, senior citizens and people with disabilities. Our facilities are conveniently located to critical amenities including transportation, shopping, recreation and health services and residents benefit from the support of property managers as well as Resident Service Coordinators.

In addition to coordinating activities and events for residents, our Resident Service Coordinators (RSC) are responsible for identifying individual and household needs, including employment, activity, food, and social/ medical services, and making referrals to services offered by Bon Secours Community Works and other local partners. RSCs work to keep residents healthy and socially engaged, providing access to technology and support for coordinating transportation, appointments, and connecting with loved ones.

Other amenities in our affordable housing developments include: Energy Star appliances, 24-hour maintenance, common areas, elevators, outdoor furnished courtyards, in-unit washer and dryers, balconies, Wi-Fi, fitness areas, multipurpose rooms, children’s recreational rooms, secured entry access, and furnished community living rooms.

Bon Secours Community Works Affordable Housing Locations

Bon Secours Apartments - 1800 Hollins St. Baltimore, MD 21223

Benet House - 400 Millington Ave. Baltimore, MD 21223

Hollis Terrace - 1800 Hollins St. Baltimore, MD 21223

Gibbons Apartments - 900 Desoto Rd. Baltimore, MD 21223

Liberty Village - 3000 Towanda Ave. Baltimore, MD 21215

New Shiloh Village Apartments - 1930 Windsor Ave. Baltimore, MD 21217

New Shiloh Village Senior Living - 1901 Elgin Ave. Baltimore, MD 21217

Smallwood Summit - 2 N. Smallwood St. Baltimore, MD 21223

Wayland Village - 3020 Garrison Bvld. Baltimore, MD 21216

For information about programs or to schedule an intake please contact us at 410-362-3629 or email us at Community_Works@bshsi.org

Community Development Projects

Bon Secours Community Works collaborates closely with residents and community leaders in planning, designing and executing community development projects that revitalize underused, often vacant space, creating physical assets that respond directly to community needs and desires.  We provide resources, expertise and experience in facilitation, design, development, and facility operations. 

We begin by building strong relationships with community members and design partners, and then facilitate planning processes which result in community-specific solutions to community-specific problems. The vision for projects emerges from a genuine user-centered design framework. The process amplifies the voices of residents and result in an environment cast in their vision. 

Community Park Development 
Kirby Lane Park is a community developed space centered around the theme of Serenity.  The park contains a horseshoe pit, the blocks favorite past-time, a playground, entertainment and cook out area, and a Serenity Flower Garden.  All these features are set amongst tree shade and the community designed “Birds Outdoor Adventure and Serenity” Mural.

Unity Park
BSCW, in partnership with neighborhood residents, is working to create a world class park nestled at the intersection of Franklin Square, Fayette Street Outreach, Boyd Booth communities, Bon Secours Family Apartments and Bon Secours Community Works. This park is designed to realize the vision of local families who advocated for a safe place for children to play and enjoy the cooling power of water during the hot, inner-city summer months. Our collaborative design creates a space to relax with nature, recharge with play, socialize, and attend community events and programs. 

The 2 N Fulton Playground was designed around the themes of “bring out the child in everyone” and “it takes a village”. Opportunities for entering gradually and literally dipping your toes into action encourage intergenerational play, which benefits the health and wellbeing of people of all ages. The park is connected by paths and features seating areas along the perimeter, creating space for children to play in full view and protection of the community. The park is used weekly by the BSCW Early Head Start program and is maintained by our Clean & Green training program.

Community Resource Center
The Bon Secours Community Resource Center, specifically designed by and for West Baltimore residents, is now open at 31 S. Payson St.

The $6.8 million, state-of-the-art Community Resource Center is open to the public from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. The center is focused on youth services, workforce development and economic development and offers a variety of walk-in and scheduled programming for both children and adults. Amenities include:

  • Art room 
  • Basketball gym
  • Financial wellbeing center 
  • Health care training room 
  • Mayor’s Office of Employment Development (MOED) Community Job Hub
  • Media library room 
  • Multipurpose rooms 
  • Recording studio (coming soon)
  • Rooftop garden (coming soon)
  • Yoga and fitness studio

For more information about the Bon Secours Community Works Community Resource Center, or to reserve a room, please contact Bon Secours Community Works at 401-801-5100 or Community_Works@bshsi.org.