The ministry of Bon Secours has a long history of uplifting the West Baltimore Community. The Sisters of Bon Secours first came to Baltimore from Paris, France in 1881 to begin working in the United States. In 1919, they opened their first hospital on the former site of the Maryland Square Mansion and the Civil-War era Jarvis Hospital. 

Baltimore City’s needs and the health system’s services have changed much since that time, however, Bon Secours’ approach to community health has consistently reached beyond traditional models for health care providers. This approach was codified in 1991, through the creation of Bon Secours Community Works (BSCW) and the Bon Secours Baltimore Foundation, subsidiaries designed to function as the community development arms of Bon Secours Baltimore Hospital. Since then, BSCW has worked alongside our community leaders and residents to design and implement programs and services to address the holistic needs of our clients.

In 2019, the merged ministry of Bon Secours Mercy Health made the decision to sell Bon Secours Baltimore Hospital while renewing the organization’s commitment to Baltimore City through investments to expand Bon Secours Community Works, ensuring that it remains a pillar of community support for generations to come. 

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