We believe that healthier individuals build healthier communities. Our purpose is to assist in providing the best possible health care to the people and communities we serve. This purpose is present outside of our hospitals walls when we focus on providing solutions to issues that affect the communities we serve. 

Such efforts include, but are not limited to:

Community Health 

Bon Secours Community Health & Wellness is a community-based program designed to empower individuals, families, and communities to make healthier lifestyle choices that promote health and wellness.  

We aim to positively impact the well-being of Baltimore through increased access to various programs and health initiatives like: 

  • Wellness programs (smoking cessation, exercise and nutrition etc.)
  • Chronic disease self-management programs 
  • Educational health sessions 
  • Support groups 
  • Community screenings 
  • Navigation and care coordination
  • Faith and health program with area churches
  • Partnerships with local organizations, health systems, and community residents

For more information, you may email BSBCommunityHealth@bshsi.org or call 410-362-3626.

Career Development 

Earn It! a comprehensive job-readiness and job-placement program offers participants who are 18 or older a wide range of support that is needed to succeed in every aspect of life from the everyday to the workplace. These include educational opportunities, valuable workforce skills, and financial literacy.

Community Job Hub, in collaboration with the Mayor’s Office of Employment Development, offers a daily computer lab and computer literacy training on Thursdays for proficiency in computer basics and Microsoft Office applications.

Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship Program (YEEP), which trains and mentors young people ages 14-21, then helps them find after-school and summer jobs and career planning.

Clean & Green Landscaping, a program that trains local workers to transform vacant lots in West Baltimore into green, well-maintained, usable spaces. For six months, participants learn on-the-job skills, such as plant identification, equipment operation, safety and teamwork. They also receive financial counseling and learn to create career and life goals.

Re-entry Program offers case management, expungement, career coaching and a 12-week course for ex-offenders to address a wide range of issues, help build skills and set them on a path to success.

Our Money Place is a Bon Secours-sponsored Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship Program helps high school-age youth find after-school and summer jobs and mentors them for future careers. It also provides access to job readiness, leadership development, career planning, and job acquisition training. 

For more information about Career Development, call 410-362-3629 or email Community_Works@bshsi.org.

Family Support 

Bon Secours Community Works’ Family Support Center serves pregnant mothers and families with children up to age three.The Center offers Early Head Start services. At the Center, families receive support, encouragement and resources, such as GED preparation, developmental child care, parenting classes, employment readiness, counseling, tutoring, life skills training and money management.

The Center’s staff helps families make smart choices and become more self-sufficient by working with parents on child development and showing them best practices for raising children. 

For more information about the Family Support Center, call 410-362-3629 or email Community_Works@bshsi.org.

Financial Planning 

Our Money Place Financial Services offers services to help residents become more financially aware, begin building assets and create stronger financial futures for their families. 

Participants learn about the financial tools and resources that are available to them. They build the skills they need to  navigate the sometimes confusing world of finance. They learn how to become economically self-sufficient by saving for big purchases like a car or house – instead of using credit – and about planning for retirement.

Women's Resources 

The Women’s Resource Center is a daytime drop-in center where women who are struggling with a range of life challenges, including substance abuse, domestic violence, homelessness, anger, depression and other mental health issues can find relief and help. The Center provides social and education services and connects them to essential health services. Women are provided a place to shower, wash their clothes, rest and have a hot breakfast.

Since 1997, the Women’s Resource Center has been the community’s go-to place for women in need, because it supports them in their struggle to become whole again. 

Global Initiatives 

With global operations in Peru, and support services in different parts of Africa and Haiti, Bon Secours focuses primarily on improving the needs of women and children living in marginalized communities.

Homeless Outreach 

Bon Secours provides outreach services to homeless and transient individuals by assessing their needs in order to connect them to the appropriate community resources.


The Bon Secours Apartments consist of 119 apartment units in Southwest Baltimore. These scattered site buildings are near the Bon Secours Baltimore Health System, Churches, Bon Secours Community Support Center, public bus and rail transportation and neighborhood gardens and green space within walking distance. They come with fully equipped kitchens as well as 24-hour emergency maintenance. 

Gibbons and Shiloh Village Apartments includes units for individuals, families and persons with disabilities. There are over 150 units available with amenities that include 

  • In-unit washer/dryer
  • Large community room
  • Fitness and computer room
  • Outdoor recreational areas
  • Garage and surface parking
  • On-site Resident Service Coordinator

Senior and Independent Living 

We offer several rent-subsidized independent living options for seniors and people with disabilities. We have six properties in West Baltimore with over 500 apartment units. Each property is designed for people who want to enjoy a lifestyle filled with recreational, educational and social activities. These communities are for those who can live on their own, but who desire the security and conveniences of community living. Our buildings are fully accessible and are close to shopping, recreation, educational opportunities and many places of worship.