Medical Records
Fax or mail completed form to:
Bon Secours Rappahannock General Hospital
Attn: Medical Records
PO Box 1449
Kilmarnock, VA 22482
Fax: (804) 435-0467
Call (804) 435-8550 for assistance.

Spiritual Care 
To speak with a chaplain at our hospitals, please call one of the numbers listed below. For 24-hour Emergency service, please dial 804-287-PRAY[7729], and ask the operator to page the chaplain on call.

Disclaimer: The link to the pricing guide below provides a comprehensive list of costs associated with each inpatient and outpatient service provided by our hospitals. This form is also known as a chargemaster. The chargemaster should not be used by patients to comparison shop before choosing which hospital to receive care from or to estimate the overall cost of health care services, as those prices can vary depending on coverage. 

Download our hospital pricing guide to see pricing for procedures, pharmaceuticals and supplies at this hospital.

For more information, please visit our chargemaster FAQ page.