Rheumatic diseases and conditions, sometimes referred to as musculoskeletal, cause pain in your joints and muscles and can severely limit your range of motion.

While arthritis is the most common condition rheumatology focuses on, there are a multitude of connective tissue and autoimmune disorders we specialize in treating. These can range from very common to very rare. It’s important to be up front and honest with your doctor when describing your symptoms and level of discomfort.

Our team of specialists will diagnosis your condition, then work with you on creating a treatment plan that could include medications, exercise, and a healthy diet.

Services we offer 

  • Specialty care for chronic rheumatic conditions
  • Outpatient and hospital consultations
  • Soft-tissue injections
  • Arthroscopy procedures
  • Patient education
  • Exercise planning
  • Medicine administration
  • Physical therapy
  • Joint repair and replacement surgery
Why Choose Bon Secours?
No one should feel like they have to live in pain. Let our team of compassionate specialists work with you to create a treatment plan that will help you live a better life. Whether it’s joint pain or an autoimmune disease, we’ll create a comprehensive treatment plan that will work. 
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