Bon Secours Mercy Health, one of the top 20 health care systems in the country, has selected Workday to provide a single, unified, cloud-based system that will help drive efficiency and innovation across human resources, finance, and supply chain management.

Bon Secours and Mercy Health, two strong health ministries with compatible missions, came together in September 2018. The combined organization, of which OLBH is a member, now provides care more than 10 million times annually through its more than 57,000 associates across seven states.

The Mission of Bon Secours Mercy Health is to extend the compassionate ministry of Jesus by improving the health and well-being of its communities and bring good help to those in need, especially people who are poor, dying and underserved. The combined ministry provides nearly $2 million a day in community benefit.  

A primary goal of joining forces is to operate more efficiently and effectively in fulfilling its Mission. With Workday, Bon Secours Mercy Health will be able to streamline more than 30 separate applications down to one to provide reliable, timely and transparent service to those on the front lines of care delivery. 

“Workday will provide a platform for business operations that will help drive greater efficiencies, and provide the agility our combined ministries require,” said Chris Hilton, senior vice president, finance operations for Bon Secours Mercy Health. 

Building on its existing deployment of Workday Human Capital Management, the organization will also deploy Workday Learning, Workday Payroll, Workday Prism Analytics, Workday Recruiting, Workday Financial Management and Workday Supply Chain Management.

“When we fully deploy Workday across the ministry, we will be able to attract and retain talent with the help of powerful recruiting tools, rapid onboarding, and performance and talent management,” said Joe Gage, Bon Secours Mercy Health chief human resources officer. “Workday will help us better develop teams, measure talent utilization and cultivate employee skills to better serve the needs of leaders, caregivers and patients.

“We will have a powerful new tool that empowers our people and unifies our culture,” said Gage. “Our leaders and associates will have access to mobile functionality that will help streamline recruiting, improve performance, develop individual skills and enhance teamwork to serve the needs of leaders, caregivers and patients.”

Additionally, Workday will help Bon Secours Mercy Health improve employee engagement and increase efficiencies by providing:
User friendly mobile access to HR services from anywhere, anytime.
Access to real-time financial insights, enabling faster decision making. 
Enhanced analytics and reporting to turn data into meaningful and actionable information. 
Robust supply chain management functionality that will help employees adapt to rising demand and streamline daily tasks involving purchase orders, contracts, approvals, inventory, suppliers, and more. 
A system of engagement that will help attract, retain, and develop the employees needed to deliver on its Mission.
When Workday’s robust supply chain management functionality is fully deployed, Bon Secours Mercy Health will be better able to provide service to employees and produce more optimized delivery and management of products and services to support its Mission.

“As we take this holistic view into financials, supply chain, payroll and HR, Workday will help us identify opportunities to decrease costs, closely manage supplier relationships, and gain visibility to drive operational efficiency and business growth,” said Hilton. 

“This technology is helping our ministry come together as one,” he said, “and we expect it to scale with our organization as we continue to grow.”

Bon Secours Mercy Health and Workday have also entered into a partnership where Bon Secours Mercy Health will work closely with Workday to help guide and inform the company’s product innovation.