Helping people is at the heart of everything we do. Throughout the communities we serve, we're committed to not only providing outstanding health care but also assisting with issues influencing the region. We strive to make every effort to provide good help to those in need. 

Such efforts include:


LifeWise is an outreach program designed for women and men 55 and older. LifeWise promotes physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellness through many educational opportunities, activities, events and membership benefits. Learn more about LifeWise here

Community Wellness Outreach

By fostering trusting relationships with community members, the wellness outreach team transforms hurt into hope, promotes and defends human dignity, and fosters a healing and caring environment.

Wellness Outreach is a dedicated diverse team that consists of clinical, bilingual, ministry team members with various backgrounds to help persons and families integrate and navigate health and social assistance resources and programs. Through education and awareness, guided assistance and a strong network of community partners the team offers and supports such initiatives as community health screenings, flu vaccine clinics and much more.  

Community collaboration and engagement are essential to bringing hope, health and new relationships to any community. The Wellness Outreach team strives to maintain a consistent and trusting presence in the community by going out into the neighborhoods where people live, work and play. They seek ways to partner with our community members and partners to reduce health and social care fragmentation and address the social determinants of health that affect health behaviors and influence health outcomes. 

Simply put, Wellness Outreach is a ministry of caregivers going out in the community creating a caring and hopeful atmosphere. Our team is committed to bringing people and communities to health and wholeness as part of the healing ministry of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church.  If you would like to learn more about our ministry or you need assistance, please call 864-241-5125, for Spanish call 864-241-5125 and press #2.

Global Ministry 

Our Global Ministry program is empowered by the growing global awareness of the health care needs of those most in need both near and far, the Sisters of Bon Secours and its strategic goal to improve health globally.  Since the program’s inception, Global Ministries has been able to reach over 40,000 beneficiaries.

With global operations in Peru, and support services in different parts of Africa and Haiti, Bon Secours focuses primarily on improving the needs of women and children living in marginalized communities.

Bon Secours Health System is part of a unique capacity-building coalition in Peru to reduce infant and child mortality.

Green Initiatives 

Our organization focuses its efforts on three programming pillars: Recycling, Regulated Medical Waste and Energy Conservation.  Since the program’s inception, recycling has increased 90%, regulated medical waste was decreased 69% and energy has achieved a 2.5% site EUI reduction.  Bon Secours has embraced a culture of sustainability and continues to strengthen the connection between the health of individuals, communities and the environment in its services.

Bon Secours facilities have received over 60 Practice Green Health Awards- the premier national environmental organization for leaders in healthcare sustainability-reflecting an overwhelming recognition of the reduction in the system’s carbon footprint.