What is happening?
Bon Secours has been working diligently with Cigna for months to renew our contract but has not yet been able to reach an agreement. The following Bon Secours hospitals may potentially no longer participate in Cigna’s network effective May 1, 2020:

Virginia – Bon Secours facilities 

  • St. Mary’s Hospital
  • Memorial Regional Medical Center
  • Richmond Community Hospital
  • St. Francis Medical Center
  • Mary Immaculate Hospital
  • DePaul Medical Center
  • Maryview Medical Center
  • Rappahannock General Hospital

Bon Secours is committed to keeping our patients at the center and remains in active negotiations with Cigna to reach a long-term agreement.

As you are a valued member of the Bon Secours family, we apologize for any concern this may cause you. Please know that Bon Secours has an unwavering commitment to serving every patient who walks through our doors with quality care. We will continue good faith efforts to reach a fair and equitable contract with Cigna. Bon Secours believes that members of the communities we serve should have access to some of the best health care services and physicians, which is only possible if Cigna is willing to collaborate with Bon Secours on a new agreement. 

How does this affect me? 
You can continue to receive care at these Bon Secours facilities through April 30, 2020. On May 1, if the contract does terminate, these Bon Secours hospitals will no longer be in-network providers with Cigna insurance. Therefore, accessing care from out-of-network providers may increase your out-of-pocket costs. To avoid higher out-of-pocket costs, you may need to evaluate other in-network insurance options. However, depending on your specific health plan, you may have out-of-network benefits, which means Cigna may cover services provided to you at Bon Secours. 

For more detailed information, you’re encouraged to contact the number on the back of your Cigna insurance card to verify your health plan benefits and out-of-pocket costs.
Bon Secours maintains relationships with all other major insurance plans in Virginia.  

What can I do? 
If you are currently seeking care at a Bon Secours hospital for an ongoing medical issue, Cigna has a Continuity of Care program that may allow you to continue your care and receive in-network benefits. To find out more about the Continuity of Care program, please call Cigna at the toll-free number on your Cigna insurance card. 

You can also contact your insurance company, Cigna, and let them know that you get medical care at a Bon Secours facility in Virginia and would like to continue to receive services there. Contact your employer’s benefit department and inform them you would like to continue to use Bon Secours hospitals and encourage them to call Cigna.

What if I need to go to an emergency room?
You will continue to have access to all Bon Secours hospitals in cases of emergency treatment, regardless of the network status with Cigna. If you experience an emergency, please seek treatment at the nearest emergency center or call 911.

Who can I talk to if I have questions?
Bon Secours intends to keep you updated regularly on how negotiations are progressing and how in-network access to services may be impacted in the future. Please contact the Bon Secours Customer Service department at 844-935-5447 if you have any questions.

If you have questions about your coverage or the Continuity of Care program, please call Cigna using the number on your insurance card.