Richmond Hope Therapy Center
4900 Dominion Boulevard
Suite B
Glen Allen, Virginia 23060
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Richmond Hope Therapy Center is the first clinic in Virginia to offer highly effective intensive therapy. Originally inspired by Eastern European methods, intensive therapy has been growing in the US since 2002. Children receive 3-4 hours of therapy a day, 5 days a week, for 3 consecutive weeks in our individualized programs. With the increased time utilizing a variety of innovative tools, our therapists work with children to gain maximum strength, flexibility and balance for increased independence and greater functionality.

With a combination of traditional and innovative tools like TheraSuit Therapy and the Universal Exercise Unit (UEU), our focus is on preparing the patient, stretching, targeted strength training and functional activities. With consecutive days in therapy, we capitalize on yesterday’s gains for today’s performance, and progress comes quickly for most children.

There are two main functions of the UEU: "monkey cage" and "spider cage"

  • The "monkey cage" is a unique device that utilizes a system of pulleys to isolate muscle groups and allow for strengthening without compensation from other muscle groups.
  • The "spider cage" is a system of bungee cords which allows each individual to experience more independent movements: weight shifting, and assisted movements such as sit to stand, quadruped, squats and even jumping.

In the UEU, the therapist guides the child through exercises to strengthen muscles and allow him or her to experience precise and controlled movements.

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Richmond Hope Therapy Center is a part of Richmond Community Hospital