You’re at your best when you can walk tall and take life in stride. But when your feet or ankles are in pain, the podiatry experts at Bon Secours are here with state-of-the-art, compassionate healing.

You should never ignore any pain, especially in your feet. That’s why our podiatry specialists  study, diagnose and treat a vide variety of  foot and ankle disorders. Most people assume foot pain is just part of a busy life. But simple things, like wearing the wrong shoes, can cause serious, long-term damage. Your feet keep you moving, so it’s important to keep them healthy for every step, every jump and every new adventure that awaits.

If your condition requires more serious care, our podiatric surgeons and foot and ankle specialists care for everything from routine orthopedic issues to the most complex diabetic conditions. With 26 bones and 33 joints, the foot is a complex machine. Our team uses innovative care to help  prevent, treat and help you recover from foot and ankle issues, so you can get back on your feet again with confidence.

Why Choose Bon Secours?

Don't let foot or ankle pain slow you down. Let the team of expert podiatrists and podiatric specialists at Bon Secours get you moving again. We’re experts in foot and ankle conditions, and we can help you regain your strength and get back to your active life again. If you're having any issues with your feet, we are here to help.

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