OLBH Introduces New Therapy for Oxygenation Support

The Bon Secours Kentucky Health System has introduced a new therapy at OLBH for those patients in respiratory distress. Vapotherm is a high flow nasal cannula (HFNC) therapy that works to provide oxygenation support.

Vapotherm provides warm, humidified gas that assists in opening congested airways by inducing secretions. The higher velocity flow creates the energy necessary to flush out the nasal cavity to prevent rebreathing of air high in carbon dioxide. The therapy can reduce the need for more invasive pressure based therapies, such as mechanical ventilation.

“We are pleased to offer a minimally-invasive alternative for patients that, literally, will allow them to breathe easier,” Sheila Burton, director of the OLBH Respiratory Department, said. “The technology we utilize can deliver gas more than three times the velocity of humidifiers adapted for this purpose, which makes Vapotherm an excellent first-line tool to treat the signs and symptoms of respiratory distress.” Patient comfort is possible because the Vapotherm is loose fitting and its tube is small, minimizing the material on a patient’s face. “While on the Vapotherm system, our patients can talk, eat or drink and take their medications,” Burton said.