OLBH First in Kentucky to Offer New Safer Waste Fluid System

OLBH has added the STREAMWAY System to the OLBH Radiology Department. OLBH is the first in Kentucky to offer the FDA-approved system for automated, direct-to-drain medical fluid disposal.

Infection risks for staff and patients are greatly reduced when utilizing the STREAMWAY System, as the direct-to-drain system eliminates issues such as the dropping of waste fluids or fluid leaks. Patients also benefit from STREAMWAY’s precise volume control as drawing too much fluid from a patient or doing so too fast can increase discomfort, an issue that is eliminated thanks to STREAMWAY’s easy control of rate and volume by OLBH’s radiology staff. 

Radiology nurse Lisa Slone said the new system has made her job easier by making waste collection more precise. “STREAMWAY is by far the most exact way of measuring, as it accurately measures volume down to the last cc of fluid you've collected,” Slone said. “Patients appreciate that we can spend more time interacting with them and attending to their needs instead of scurrying around changing bottles and checking for overfills. For physicians, the faster turnaround is also a big plus.”

OLBH Director of Radiology Services Terri Hannon notes that the new system is not only safer but is more cost effective for the organization. “Given the number of large medical facilities in Kentucky, I was excited to find out we were the first hospital in the state to install this system,” Hannon said.