OLBH Begins Offering Non-Surgical Weight Loss Solution

Bon Secours Kentucky Health System is now offering the Orbera gastric balloon as an option for those looking for a less expensive and less invasive alternative to weight loss surgery. The balloon procedure is performed at OLBH by by gastroenterologists Rob Brandenburg, D.O., and Diane Settles, M.D.

In studies, patients who utilize the Orbera gastric balloon have shown an average weight loss of 25 percent of their starting body weight with most of the loss coming in the first two months following the balloon procedure. The non-invasive procedure takes just 20 minutes in OLBH’s endoscopy lab as a silicone balloon is inserted by mouth into the stomach where it is left for six months. Filled with saline, the balloon takes up space to initiate weight loss by making the patient feel fuller after eating and by decreasing the rate at which the stomach empties, so the patient eats less. After six months, the balloon is removed in a similar non-invasive method, leaving the stomach’s anatomy unaltered.

“During the six months patients have the balloon, they will be followed by a coach and taught healthy habits that will hopefully continue beyond their time with the balloon and will last for the rest of their lives,” Brandenburg said. “The Orbera balloon is a tool to aid in weight loss that is a very attractive alternative to surgery.” Dr. Settles agreed that avoiding weight loss surgery is a primary factor when choosing the Orbera balloon. “This procedure calls for no surgery, incisions, stitches or scarring and typically calls for very little recovery time, so patients return to everyday life as soon as possible,” she said.

Drs. Brandenburg and Settles practice at Bellefonte Digestive Disease Center located at 1101 St. Christopher Drive, Suite 350 on the OLBH campus. For more information on the procedure, call Bellefonte Digestive Disease Center at (606) 833-6350.