Future Baltimore Initiative

Future Baltimore is a flagship partnership between Bon Secours Community Works and Kaiser Permanente that will address the socio-economic and health needs in the 21223 zip-code of West Baltimore. The vision of the partnership that is that West Baltimore will transform itself into a thriving community. Future Baltimore will expand Bon Secours Community Works’ programs and develop new programs that focus on education and training, economic well-being, community safety and security, and mental health and well being. All of these programs will be housed at a new community resource center located at the site of the abandoned Payson Street. 

What stands out about the Future Baltimore initiative is that it is driven by the community; authentic community engagement. In October, Future Baltimore hosted a charrette that celebrated the history of the Payson Street -/media and received program ideas for the new resource center. Currently, Bon Secours is in the process of developing leadership training with its key community partners—the Boyd-Booth Community Association, Franklin Square Community Association, Fayette Street Outreach Community Association, Central Baptist Church, and Celebration Church at Monroe Street. These trainings will create community leaders and build the capacity of dedicated community members. 

Community Resource Center

  1. The 31 S. Payson Street property was recently acquired for one dollar. 
  2. An architect and civil engineers are meeting regularly to design a community center space.
  3. Thus far the capital campaign has raised $1.35 million of the $ 5.1 million budget. 

a. State of Maryland Project C.O.R.E ($450,000)  
b. Kaiser Permanente ($400,000)
c. Maryland General Assembly Bond Bill ($300,000)
d. Bunting Family Foundation ($100,000)
e. Private Donation ($100,000)

Education and Training 


  1. Future Baltimore (FB) will provide training for 50 West Baltimore residents annually in the area of healthcare
  2. Graduated 1st cohort on Monday, December 11th.
    21 out of 25 enrolled (84% success rate)
  3. Graduates are currently scheduling geriatric nursing certification exam and being connected with healthcare employers 


  1. TYRO is a Reentry program focusing on the recruitment of 30 West Baltimore returning citizens
  2. 12 returning citizens currently enrolled in 1st cohort (completion scheduled for the week of  12/21/17)
  3. TYRO is also currently serving as a bridge program to our CNA/GNA program (2 participants who were previously denied due to criminal background are scheduled to graduate and enroll in the next cohort of CNA/GNA)  

Frederick Elementary

  1. Frederick Elementary is a new Community School and Bon Secours serves as the Community School partner and has a staff located daily in the school to assist with programs
  2. Currently partnering with one of the lower performing schools to focus on culture and climate while implementing initiatives to support the success of both students and new 21st century school
  3. Conducted Trauma Informed Care training with staff hosted by Roberta’s House and will continue to provide training
  4. Potential Partners include: Success for all, Bon Secours Behavioral Health, Roberta’s House, Maryland Foodbank and Junior Achievement 
  5. Developed Walking School Bus Program and Developing Garden Club After School Program 
  6. Future programs will focus on school culture and mental health. 

Economic Well-Being 

Economic Development

  1. Enterprise Community Partners and Southwest Partnership are conducting a comprehensive economic assessment of the 21223 neighborhoods. 
  2. This economic assessment will help Future Baltimore identify the types of business to be either incubated or accelerated at the new community resource center.

Community Safety & Security 

First Responders

  1. Bon Secours Behavioral Health department seeking to conduct Trauma Informed Care training in coming months with Police Officers in 21223 zip code.
  2. This training aligns with the Mayor’s Transformation Zone Initiative and consent decree mandate that officers must receive mental health training.
  3. Scheduled tour with Western Police District the week of 12-21-17 to discuss FB Partnership.

Mental Health & Wellbeing 

BH Works

  1. New behavioral health and psychosocial tool developed with MdLogix partners called BH Works
  2. BH Works will play a key role in addressing the mental health and substance abuse needs of the community using cloud-based technology to make screening, care management, and measurement a streamlined process  
  3. Currently screening 3 candidates for a Community Health Worker position to implement BH Works tool throughout Community Works programs

Urban Agriculture

  1. Kaiser donated two box trucks retrofitted for (1) Mobile Market and (1) Distribution of fresh fruits and vegetables
  2. Currently building out urban agriculture ¼ acre site which includes: 2 hoop houses, nursery, hydroponics, community garden and community meeting space.
  3. Current partnership with Bon Secours senior living facilities to deliver healthy food options regularly harvested from the hoop house.