Taking Care of Mom: The 4th Trimester (Virtual, Interactive Class)

Bon Secours Richmond Virtual Event
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Richmond, Virginia 23226
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The fourth trimester is defined as the first three months after delivery, and just like pregnancy, it is a time of rapid changes in the mother's body. This class focuses on YOU, the mother, as you navigate your fourth trimester and beyond. Pregnancy is the perfect time to learn how YOU can recover and thrive after delivery.

More than 35 percent of postpartum women will experience symptoms of

  • Bladder leakage
  • Abdominal muscle separation
  • Pelvic pain

In this live, interactive class, our certified Women's Health physical therapists will equip you with the tools you'll need address these issues. In this class you will learn how to recover your endurance, strength and confidence to better care for your new family and successfully return to work and exercise activities after delivery.

Additionally, our prenatal educators will discuss the emotional and hormonal aspects of bringing a new baby home and how to care for yourself. Topics addressed will include postpartum depression and anxiety, changes in your relationship, getting support from family and friends, and hormonal changes.

Note: We do not require attendance of spouses/significant others at this course. We recommend that you wear comfortable clothing during the Zoom class so that you can try out sample suggested exercises and perform a simple diastasis recti check during this event.

Please contact us at prenataleducation@bshsi.org for more information.