If every day starts or ends with pain in your back, Bon Secours Orthopedics can provide relief. 

The spine allows us to stand tall and bend low, but when pain keeps you from full mobility, our team of orthopedic experts are here to provide relief. For all its strength, the spine can experience breaks, sprains, diseases and other debilitating conditions. Fortunately, we now have more options for spinal care than at any time in human history. 

Modern diagnostic tools for your care, including X-rays, magnetic resonating imagery (MRI) and computerized tomography (CT) provide answers to guide treatment.

In some cases, nonsurgical treatments can be pursued. It is Bon Secours practice to exhaust every appropriate treatment option before considering surgery. Those non-surgical back treatments could include rest, exercise, physical therapy, casts or braces. Various injections can also be used when appropriate, including epidural steroid injections and non-steroid anti-inflammatory medications.

Conditions We Treat

Our specialized team is trained to effectively correct problems related to:

  • Traumatic and overuse injuries to the spine  
  • Spinal deformities both acquired and congenital  
  • Whiplash injuries  
  • Systemic diseases affecting spinal function  
  • Degenerative spinal conditions  
  • Spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis  
  • Soft tissue sprains, strains and contusions 
  • Work-related back pain  
  • Mechanical back dysfunction  
  • Fractures, dislocations and subluxations
Why Choose Bon Secours?

At Bon Secours, you’ll receive an array of options to identify pain and achieve relief. Once diagnosed, you will have access to nationally recognized pain management experts to ensure comfort and aid recovery, as well as state-of-the-art surgical services which encourages less postoperative pain, smaller incisions, minimal scars, a shorter hospitalization stay and faster recovery time.

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