Key Points about Noise Suppression Device

  • A noise suppression device blocks out unwanted noises.
  • There are a variety of noise suppression devices to help you depending on what you need the device for.
  • Patients who suffer from tinnitus may find relief with a noise suppression device.
  • Noise suppression devices also help people concentrate better, block out unwanted background noises, and alleviates some hearing loss.


A noise suppression device is an electronic device that suppresses noise you hear. Patients who suffer from conditions such as tinnitus (ringing in the ears) may find relief using a noise suppression device.

A white noise machine can drown out internal noise while you sleep, help improve concentration, and alleviate hearing loss.

There are a variety of noise suppression devices available. Your doctor can outline the different types of devices and help you choose the one right for your needs.

Candidates for a noise suppression device

There are a variety of reasons you may need a noise suppression device including:

  • Drowning out noises around you, such as people chatting on the bus.
  • Creating a white noise that helps you sleep.
  • Drown out environmental noises to help you concentrate in the office.
  • Your doctor will help you choose a device that is most appropriate for your case.

Expectations from a noise suppression device

A noise suppression device can help patients improve sleep, improve concentration and focus, and alleviates hearing loss.

A noise machine can help improve concentration by drowning out distracting ambient noises. This is especially important in work environments that are open-plan concepts.

Noise suppression devices also can help musicians mask ringing in their ears after playing loud live music regularly.

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