Bon Secours Richmond Health System Honored for Commitment to “Just Wage” Policy

Richmond, Va. (March 22, 2018) – Bon Secours Richmond Health System has been recognized by the new Richmond Living Wage Certification Program, developed by the Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy and the City of Richmond Office of Community Wealth Building, as a business that invests in its workers and the community by paying living wages, also called “just wages,” that enable an individual to be predominately self-supporting. A living wage is calculated, using several established economic formulas, based on the real costs associated with renting an apartment, buying food, securing transportation and having basic health care coverage.

Paul Junod, director of human resources for Bon Secours Richmond Health System, participated in an event to officially introduce the Richmond Living Wage Certification Program on Thursday, March 22, 2018. At the event, 10 businesses and nonprofit agencies, including Bon Secours Richmond Health System, were recognized as being the first to lend their support to the new initiative.

“We are very proud that Bon Secours has had a long-standing commitment to a viable just wage policy, which makes good business sense for our company and for our dedicated employees,” said Junod. “A living wage goes far beyond the rate of pay. It is an overall philosophy of how we, as an employer, support our coworkers so that they can thrive, not just survive.”

Richmond is home to the first Living Wage Certification program in Virginia. The certification committee has set three standards of measurement for hourly living wages that offer a pathway out of poverty and provide a foundation to help those who struggle in today’s economy:

  • Gold Star Standard ($16 per hour or $14.50 per hour plus health care)
  • Silver Star Standard ($12.50 per hour or $11 per hour plus health care)
  • Aspiring Living Wage ($11 per hour or $9.50 per hour plus health care)

Junod added that Bon Secours pays a living wage with a goal of encouraging lower-wage earners who aspire to move into higher-paying careers. “We have many examples of former housekeeping or child care workers who have become radiologic technologists or registered nurses, among other professions,” he said. “Paying a just wage is one of our ministry’s highest priorities and we invite other businesses and agencies with whom we partner to follow our lead and commit to paying just wages as well.”

For more information about the March 22 kickoff event and Richmond Living Wage Certification Program or to view the Living Wage Certification Toolkit, visit