Radiologic Technology Student Fees

Payment Terms

Tuition and fees must be paid in full through the Student Information System (SIS) student portal; cash is not accepted. Tuition and fees are due at 12:00 (noon) on the Friday prior to the start of classes each semester. Failure to pay on time will result in the student being withdrawn from classes.

Radiologic Technology Program
Tuition, Learning Resource Fees & Additional Program Fees

2021-2022 Curriculum

First Semester (16 weeks)    Credits  
RAD 1101 Patient Care, Ethics, Law, and Diversity     3  
PRO 1101 Radiographic Procedures I 3  
PRO 1101L Radiographic Procedures I Lab        
RSC 1101 Imaging I
CRS 1101 Clinical Radiation Science I     4  
CRS 1101L Clinical Seminar Lab I    1  
Totals   15  $1,725 tuition +$375 fees

Second Semester (16 weeks) 
PRO 1102 Radiographic Procedures II        
PRO 1102L Radiographic Procedures II Lab   
RSC 1102 Imaging II   3  
RAD 1102 Radiobiology      
CRS 1102 Clinical Radiation Science II  
CRS 1102L Clinical Seminar Lab II     
Totals   15

 $1,725 tuition + $375 fees         

Third Semester (16 weeks) 
PRO 2103 Advanced Radiographic Procedures I
RSC 2103 Imaging Equipment
CRS 2103 Clinical Radiation Science III
RAD 2103 Radiographic Pathology I
CRS 2103L Clinical Seminar Lab III        
Totals   16   $1,840 tuition + $400 fees

Fourth Semester (16 weeks)

PRO 2104 Advanced Radiographic Procedures II 
PRO 2104L Advanced Radiographic Procedures II Lab  
RAD 2104 Radiographic Pathology II
CSA 2104 Cross-Sectional Anatomy
CRS 2104 Clinical Radiation Science IV
CRS 2104L Clinical Seminar Lab IV    


Totals   15  $1,725 tuition + $375 fees
Fifth Semester (8 weeks)  
RAD 2105 Registry Review
CRS 2105 Clinical Radiation Science V
CRS 2105L Clinical Seminar Lab V     

  9  $1,035 tuition + $ 225 fees

Tuition: $115.00 per Credit

Learning Resource Fees:  $25.00 per Credit for Learning Resource Fees 70 Total Credits

Total Tuition: $8,050

Total Learning Resource Fees: $1,750

Total Tuition and Learning Resource Fees: $9,800

Additional Program Fees:  
   Cost Frequency 
 *Application fee:   $50  upon applying
 **1st semester Books (estimated):      $700   upon acceptance
 **RadTechBootCamp $190upon acceptance
 **2nd-5th semester Books (estimated):   $200
prior to semester required
 *Initial Back Ground Screening:           $62 
upon acceptance
 *Markers:    $40
upon acceptance
 *Health Screening:                 $300 
upon acceptance
 *Uniforms (estimated):             $120
upon acceptance
 *Shoes (estimated) $150upon acceptance
 **Trajecsys    $150
upon acceptance
 Total          $1,962



**Refunds determined by vendor

 TOTAL Tuition, Learning Resource Fees & Additional Program Fees:  $11,762


* Tuition and fees subject to change

There are certain costs that students will incur that are not assessed within the Tuition and Fee structure.

Students should budget for these additional expenses:
Supplies, ARRT Registry Examination, and Student activities.

Fee Descriptions

Application Fee:  fee to process the application for the Radiologic Technology program.
Health Screening: fee for booster immunizations, if indicated, antibody testing, drug testing, physical exam, fit-testing, TB testing, and assurance student meets the minimum physical standards/essential functions required by the program.
Background Check: fee for Background check includes, VA child abuse and neglect and nationwide sex offender public registry search.
Learning Resource Fee: fees related to student learning resources, technology, verification services, campus activities, student benefit funds, and graduation activities. 
Uniforms & shoes: Fee to purchase School approved uniform pants (2), tops (2), and approved shoes.
Books: Fee to purchase books and online learning resources for the program. 
RadTechBootCamp: Video-based online Radiography review & Registry exam prep resource.
Clinical Markers: Fee for 2 sets of numerical Mitchell Lead Markers (includes beads) for student clinical identifiers. Students are responsible for purchasing additional markers if School issued markers are lost.
Trajecsys: Fee applies to the electronic student clinical record system.

Health Insurance: health insurance must be maintained by the student for the duration of the program; cost varies per individual and is not available through Bon Secours for non-employees.