adult/adolescent correction of spinal deformities - scoliosis

Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine to either side of the body. The curve can resemble a “C” or a “S.” This condition’s cause often is unknown, and treatment typically is unneeded. Care options depend on the patient’s age and the condition’s severity. Adolescents whose bones still are growing may benefit from use of a brace to prevent the curve from becoming more acute. Surgery for adolescents aims at preventing later disfigurement and restriction of the heart and lungs. Surgeons will try to reduce curving and may opt for fusing vertebrae. Adult patients may experience discomfort. This usually is addressed with exercise, physical therapy and anti-inflammatory medicine. If surgery is needed, the doctors will try to realign the spine, which may require removing vertebrae, and may fuse vertebrae. 

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