Quick Start

Quick Guide for Viewing Studies


  • Select Centricity Web icon (GE)
  • Type your User ID and Password (Remember the user id and password are case sensitive)

Selecting the Appropriate Worklist

  • All studies will display the worklist by patient studies allowing the entire Patient Jacket to be reviewed. (most preferred method)
  • All patients will display the worklist by patient name. You must double click the patient name to view all studies available for that patient.
  • My patients will provide a list of studies where the user logged in is the referring physician for the study.

To Query Patient Exams

  • Click on the binoculars to Perform New Query
  • Type the Query fields that are known (MRN, Patient name, modality, date procedure was performed, etc.) click OK. It is recommended that you input as much information into the Query Dialogue box. If you are unsure of certain information, use a Wildcard (%).
  • Select the exam you would like to display by highlighting the study from the worklist.
  • This will display the Pictorial Index on the left hand side.
  • You can now view the image by either double clicking the Pictorial Index image or double clicking on the highlighted exam from the worklist.


P: I'm trying to bring up images in PACS/Optimed but I keep locking up or no images come up.
A: Did you download Active X Controls; you must have this enabled to work in this/these applications. If you do not have administrative rights for your pc, you will not be able to complete this piece without the help of your pc administrator. For more information on how to download Active X for PACS, click here.

P: Click here for more info does not have a link. The following should be part of the "more".
A: Within Internet Explorer, make sure you adjust the security settings to enable installing ActiveX components (see Tools/Internet Options/Security/Custom Level). A Security level of Medium for both local Intranet and the Internet should be adequate. Please contact your system administrator if your do not have sufficient administrative privileges to change these settings.

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