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Program Activities & Events

Registered dietitians at St. Mary's Nutrition Outpatient Center are available to help with postoperative meal planning.

Informational Meetings

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2013 Bariatric Surgery Support Group Schedule for
St. Mary's Hospital

We invite you to join us in our weight loss surgery support group. We offer support group meetings designed to assist you. The group offers education, support, and guidance. During our meetings, you will have the opportunity to network with other members, share information and ideas, and learn how to have a healthier lifestyle. We provide nutrition education, information about taking care of your operation, problem solving, and coping strategies. The group will be facilitated by professional staff and guest speakers which include Nurse Practitioners, Registered Dietitians, Registered Nurses, and Physicians with extensive experience in weight loss surgery.

To help assist you better, we ask you to register by calling 804 287-7806. Please leave your name, phone number, and date of the support group you wish to attend. This will help the facilitators prepare enough materials for all attendees. In addition, we will be able to reach out to you in case of an unforeseen cancellation.

The following support groups are available for you to take advantage of:

2nd Thursday of the Month:
Open to all maintenance patients, those seeking to lose the last 20-40 lbs., and for those struggling with maintaining their weight loss. This group offers additional support to you in reaching your goals and maintaining your new lifestyle. We meet at St. Mary’s Hospital, Education Center on first floor from 6:00PM – 7:00PM. This group is appropriate for patients with the adjustable gastric band, gastric bypass, and/or sleeve gastrectomy.

3rd Thursday of the Month:
Forever Thin Support Group. Open to all surgical weight loss patients whether you are thinking about gas-tric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy surgery, just had surgery, or are five years out from surgery. It is an opportunity to learn more from other members. Family members and friends are also welcome to attend this meeting. We meet at St. Mary’s Hospital, Education Center on first floor from 6:00 PM– 7:00 PM. This group is appropriate for patients after adjustable gastric band, gastric bypass and/or sleeve gastrectomy.

If you have any questions or suggestions about our support group meetings, would like to contribute to the newsletter, or you would like to share your story at support group, please call (804) 287-7806.

Informational Lecture

All patients are required to attend an Informational Lecture hosted by one of our surgeon’s offices. During this time you will have the opportunity to meet the surgeons and their staff and get your questions answered about weight loss surgery. The meeting generally lasts for two hours. There is no cost for this lecture, only your time. You may bring a family member or your support person; however, please no children.

Join us for an informational session hosted by the program and one of our surgeons. The information session is the first step in your weight loss journey and gives you an opportunity to find out if weight loss surgery is right for you. There is no cost and you are under no obligation to move forward with surgery.

Topics Covered:

  • Background information on obesity
  • Causes, comorbidities and criteria for surgery
  • Surgical treatments
  • Possible risks and complications
  • Potential benefits
  • Insurance issues
  • Summary / Questions and Answers

If you’d like to proceed, after the meeting we can schedule you for an initial consultation with one of our providers. Please feel free to contact your insurance company ahead of time to ask if you have coverage that allows the weight loss surgery otherwise known as the obesity rider.

Register online or by calling 359-WELL

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