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Our team of professionals has been specially trained in geriatric medicine to understand the care and concerns of our 65 and older patient population. Our Family Nurse Practitioner is educated to assess, treat and manage acute and chronic conditions unique to senior patients. In addition, every nurse you will encounter has received special training in geriatrics or GENE (Geriatric Emergency Nursing Education). We also have Senior Nurse Navigators who will follow and help manage your care through its entirety.  With this clinical expertise, we will work with all the members of your care team to develop care management plans and strategies tailored to your specific needs and treatment. 

Our newly integrated Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP) provideds highly trained volunteers to make visits to our hospitalized seniors to provide extra attention and companionship. 

We make sure to take your concerns into consideration as well. From the nurses who assist you to the nurse practitioner and caseworker who design your treatment plan, we want to hear your input and know what works best for you. This world-class team has been trained to be responsive and caring in its treatment, ensuring the respect and dignity of each patient is maintained and cherished.

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Bon Secours Senior Services, part of Bon Secours Medical Group, provides primary care services to seniors living in skilled nursing facilities, nursing homes and assisted living facilities, as well as homebound seniors. Through our online medical home, mybonsecours.com, we make it easy for you to manage your acute and ongoing conditions.


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