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Once orthopaedic treatment ends, the important work of rehabilitation begins. Bon Secours Orthopaedic Institute recognizes that healing is a process. It starts when a patient visits us with a need and it’s completed when that need is addressed fully. To ensure this happens, we cooperate at every stage of care with professionals who have a wide range of skills. The contributions of these experts are vital – and appreciated – especially when a patient is recovering.

During rehabilitation, patients may receive help from physical and occupational therapists. Physical therapists aid people who must improve their mobility and stability. These therapists use many different techniques, including exercise programs and massage. Occupational therapists assist patients in finding ways to deal with the needs of work and daily life, like dressing, cooking and eating. Often, therapy begins while a patient still is in the hospital.

Some patients need to control pain. If so, we partner with experts in this field. They carefully study each patient’s situation and then create a pain management program. It may include physical therapy, counseling, biofeedback, relaxation and non-traditional treatments, like acupuncture.

During recovery, some patients require home care. In these cases, specialists will visit patients at home to ensure their safety and comfort. Home care aid may come from nurses, dieticians, social workers, home health aides and physical and occupational therapists.

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