Bon Secours orthopaedic surgeons have helped thousands of people suffering from hip damage enjoy active lives free of pain. In fact, our Orthopaedic Institute has a nationally recognized program that integrates medical excellence with sound physical.

Hip damage can come from several sources. For example, a fall or osteoporosis may cause a fracture. Arthritis or an injury can cause severe harm that makes even the simplest tasks extremely difficult.

Hip replacement surgery involves removing a diseased or injured bone and cartilage. This material is replace with an artificial hip joint. Most patients who have hip surgery are between ages 60 and 80. However, our physicians carefully evaluate every individual’s needs before making recommendations. Besides considering age, they also weigh your pain, disability and general health. Please keep in mind that not everyone dealing with hip problems needs surgery. However, you may be a good candidate for replacement surgery, if:

•    Hip pain restricts your everyday activities, like walking or getting out of a chair.

•    Medications provide little pain relief or cause undesirable side effects.

•    Physical therapy doesn’t relieve pain.

•    Stiffness limits your ability to move or lift your leg.

•    Pain is constant.

Hip replacement surgery enjoys a high success rate – 90 percent. Recovery times vary, but most patients start resuming normal activities within six to eight weeks. Physical therapy can play an important role in helping you regain stability and mobility.

In all cases, our physicians and therapists collaborate closely with patients to ensure that the best decisions are made and the best outcomes achieved.

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