services & programs offered

Bon Secours Hospice offers various services and programs to patients and their families.

These include:

  • Medications
    Bon Secours provides medications to patients. Medications that address symptoms of life-limiting illnesses are provided at no cost.

  • Durable Medical Equipment and Supplies
    Bon Secours helps patients get durable medical equipment as well as self-help and personal comfort items required for their care. Medical supplies include items mentioned in the patient’s written care plan. Durable equipment includes items, like a bed, a walker and an oxygen system.

  • Bereavement Care
    Trained hospice staff and volunteers counsel family members during their bereavement. This is free and is available for a year after the death of a loved one. Personal counseling, support groups and classes are available.
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  • Help for the Deaf
    Bon Secours provides a telecommunications device for the deaf (TDD). This is electronic equipment provides text communication via a telephone line.

  • Dietary Counseling
    Registered dieticians can provide counseling and training to caregivers.

  • Speakers and Education
    Speakers are provided for community groups to learn more about Bon Secours Hospice as well as other Bon Secours programs and services.

To learn more about Bon Secours Hospice, view our Calendar of Events.

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