when is hospice appropriate?

Deciding on whether or not to enter a hospice is something nobody has to do alone. Bon Secours Hospice staff has years of experience assisting patients and their families, and can help you and your loved ones make a decision that works best your special circumstances.

Many factors will affect this decision. So, a thorough assessment of the medical issues and the wishes of patients and their families are vital. The situation also calls for honesty, compassion and good communications between everyone involved. Everybody also must keep in mind that the patient’s needs are not just physical but also are emotional and spiritual.

Often, it’s good to begin the decision-making process by discussing the patient’s condition and the appropriateness of hospice care with the patient’s doctor. The Bon Secours Hospice staff can assist with this, if you desire. In fact, our team can help at any time during the process.

It’s important to remember that every patient is unique. Therefore, choosing to enter hospice cannot be done by referring to a formula or checklist. However, a few general guidelines can help. Foremost among them is the fact that the patient’s physician must believe that hospice care is appropriate.

Other factors that suggest hospice is the right course include if the patient:

  • Has a life-limiting illness
  • Requires daily pain medication
  • Has recurrent hospitalizations
  • Has experienced serious weight loss
  • Has difficulty completing daily tasks
  • Is no longer seeking curative treatments
  • Wants the benefits of hospice care.

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