Integrative Oncology Therapies

Integrative oncology therapies--things like meditation, massage, and yoga--are activities that are offered alongside conventional treatment and have been shown to benefit cancer patients throughout the continuum of their cancer experience by improving sleep, lessening pain and other symptoms, and relieving stress.  These can also help the patient feel that they are participating more in their care and healing. 

Here at Bon Secours we are proud to offer yoga and art therapy free of charge through the generosity of our Foundation donors for our patients at any stage of treatment.

Creative Arts Program at St. Francis

Creative Arts Program at Reynolds Crossing

FREE Yoga Classes at St. Francis Medical Center

FREE Yoga Classes at Reynolds Crossing 

Evening Gentle Yoga Classes at St. Francis Medical Center


Meditation is an ancient art and well-studied method of stress reduction.  We, at Bon Secours, are fortunate to have an area expert in this field available for our cancer patients at St. Francis and St. Mary's.  Marc McGahee, with education from MIT and a background in business, found himself becoming caregiver to his wife as she was diagnosed with multiple myeloma.  Through this experience, he began the practice of meditation for his own stress relief and well-being, and now serves as faculty in the University of Richmond's adult education program, sharing his meditation expertise with our community.    Any of you who are being treated for cancer through Bon Secours are welcome to learn more about meditation with Marc.  Please click on the link below for details!

Meditation Coaching

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