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A woman’s journey in life is exciting, challenging, and full of surprises.  Bon Secours Virginia’s goal is to support and guide you along the way. We want you to discuss health care options openly with your gynecologist and to make choices that suit you. Our physicians, certified nurse-midwives, nurses, physician assistants, and office staff understand women’s needs and always are ready to listen and help.

Going from child to adult involves big changes. We’re pleased to offer young women a comfortable, compassionate environment. Here, you can safely talk in confidence and be treated with respect and sensitivity. We often act as a link between patients and families. We also offer counseling and treatment on many issues, including menstrual cycle dysfunction, yeast infections, sexually transmitted infections, abstinence, and family planning.

A girl usually receives her first internal exam after becoming sexually active or when she has problems. If neither of these apply, she does not need an exam until age 21. When treatment is needed, options include non-surgical, surgical, and minimally invasive therapies. We will work with you and your family to select the best approach.

Our forensic nurses handle all cases of confirmed or suspected abuse. We believe in honesty, informed choices and not making judgements.  All women need to know their rights and feel supported. Mainly, we want to give our patients a safe haven where they can develop a sense of pride and ownership for their bodies. Please call us with questions or concerns. Counselors are available for one-on-one sessions as well. 

To contact the forensic nurses at St. Mary’s Hospital, please call 804-281-8574.

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We pride ourselves on offering our young female patients a comfortable, compassionate environment where you can safely share your experiences, and where they are respected and treated with the utmost sensitivity.

James H. Cane, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.

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