the high risk care team

Care of mothers and babies with complications of pregnancy takes a highly skilled team, not available at every hospital. And, when tiny lives are at stake, that team needs to be supported by pediatric subspecialty care committed to communication and coordination. That's what you will see at Bon Secours Richmond hospitals.

Bon Secours maternal-fetal-medicine and NICU teams include:

  • Perinatologists, obstetrician-gynecologists who have completed advanced training, or a 'fellowship' in the care of very high risk pregnancies and births.  Perinatologists are maternal-fetal-medicine specialists and fetal diagnosticians who care for mothers who are at risk of complications before the baby is born, in consultation with your OB-Gyn physician or nurse-midwife.  Perinatology consults and care is available at Bon Secours St. Mary's Hospital (West End), Memorial Regional Medical Center (Mechanicsville) and St. Francis Medical Center (Chesterfield).

  • Neonatologists, pediatricians who have completed advanced fellowship training in the care of very sick or premature babies. Neonatologists often consult on high risk prenatal care before the baby is born, and during and after delivery, lead the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) teams. At Bon Secours Richmond Health System hospitals, the neonatology teams are led by Bonnie Makdad, MD of Commonwealth Neonatology.  Commonwealth Neonatology's neonatologists and neonatal nurse practitioners staff the three Bon Secours NICUs all day, every day.

Parents also have the advantage of a coordinated team approach for both mom and baby by many other specialists as well:

  • Pediatric subspecialty physicians you perhaps never knew existed. These are pediatricians who completed a fellowship in a particular pediatric subspecialty, like cardiology, and who only take care of children with problems. Subspecialists available at our NICUs include pediatric cardiologists, gastroenterologists, neurologists, pulmonologists and other subspecialties required for comprehensive NICU care.

  • Neonatal nurse practitioners, or NNPs. These are nurses who have completed advanced practice certification focusing completely on the care of premature and sick babies.

  • A multidisciplinary critical care team of nurses and respiratory therapists you will see frequently as an integral part of your care team. And many more you may never meet: pediatric radiologists, pharmacy specialists, lab staff, and radiology staff--team members whose skills are finely tuned for very tiny babies.

  • Our Bon Secours transport team, part of our Children's Critical Care Services. Our transport team ensures that whether your baby is born at a Bon Secours hospital or outside our system, you will receive complete care with the best advances in technology, and the love and compassion you expect from Bon Secours.


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