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Delivery Care Model

Both Labor, Delivery, Recovery and Labor, Delivery, Recovery and Postpartum suites have large, comfortable rooms, with ample space to walk around and for your family to be with you. Each includes a specially equipped birthing bed, so that you can labor and deliver without being moved from room to room or from bed to bed. There is a private bathroom and shower for each suite.

With an LDR facility (labor, delivery, recovery), most mothers stay in the same birthing suite throughout labor, birth and for an hour or so after birth. In an LDR facility, these moms then move to a private postpartum room for the remainder of their stay.

LDRP models add the "p" for postpartum, or care after birth. In an LDRP care model, many mothers are able to stay in the same birthing suite from the time they enter the hospital until they go home. Private postpartum rooms are also available for longer lengths of stay.

In either LDR or LDRP, the discomfort and inconvenience of moving from room to room during this very private, important family time is greatly decreased or eliminated altogether.

Family-Centered Care

We subscribe to the definition of family-centered care as developed by the International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA):

"The birth of a baby represents, as well, the birth of a family. The woman giving birth and the persons significant and close to her are forming a new relationship, with new responsibilities to each other, to the baby, and to society as a whole. Family-centered reproductive care may be defined as care which recognizes the importance of these new relationships and responsibilities, and which has as its goal the best possible health outcome for all members of the family, both as individuals and as a group.

"Family-centered care consists of an attitude rather than a protocol. Itrecognizes a vital life event rather than a medical procedure. It appreciates the importance of that event to the woman and to the personswho are important to her. It respects the woman's individuality and hersense of autonomy. It realizes that the decisions she may make are based on many influences of which the expertise of the professional is only one. It requires that all relevant information be made available tothe woman to help her achieve her own goals, and that she be guided butnot directed by professionals she has chosen to share the responsibility for her care.

"The practice of family-centered maternity care is founded on this philosophy and encompasses birth practitioners, birth places, and maternity-newborn care, as determined by the needs and choices of each woman and her family."

Mother-Baby Care

At our hospitals, mothers and babies are not seen as separate individuals. Care is designed around the two of you together, an "ensemble" whose medical and emotional needs are complementary. Maternity and nursery nurses coordinate your care, so that you and your baby are able to take best advantage of your time for learning about each other. Mother-Baby Care works hand-in-hand with flexible rooming-in (below) to assure you have the skills and experience needed to parent successfully when you leave the hospital.

Flexible Rooming-In

Flexible rooming-in allows you and your baby to determine the amount of time you want to spend together. At our hospitals, mothers may elect to room in part-time (e.g., during the day) or full-time...or to go back and forth between the two options. The more your baby is with you, the more experience you will have when you go home; but there are times when a long nap—with the knowledge your nurse will bring the baby if the baby is hungry—is the best medicine.

All Types of Anesthesia

Your preferences for pain relief are completely up to you. Some women labor with little or no medication, and some women have epidural anesthesia during much of labor. At our hospitals, we believe the choice is between you and your physician or nurse-midwife. You have a full range of options, and we have the staff to provide support for your decision.

Lactation Consultants

Lactation consultants are specially trained and certified to assist mothers with breastfeeding preparation and learning successful breastfeeding skills. They are available at all our hospitals and at A Woman's Place, located in the Bon Secours Center for Family Health in Innsbrook, and can often make the difference for a positive, long-lasting breastfeeding experience. Call 804-340-BABY [2229] for more informationor to locate a lactation consultant near you.

New Baby Call-In

At 3 a.m., when your new baby is doing something unexpected and you can't decide whether or not to call the baby's doctor, our nurseries provide a safety net. Feel free to call our New Baby nurses. We're up and happy to help.

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