At Bon Secours Health System, we are committed to help people to wholeness.

A holistic approach to patient care is what makes Bon Secours Richmond Health System unique. Because of this approach, our chaplains are integral part of the healthcare team. They minister to patients and families in a way that is respectful of each person’s experience of spirituality, faith, or religious expression.

Spiritual care is rooted in issues of meaning, loss, hope, and transcendence.  Chaplains are companions on a journey with patients, families, and staff pondering some of the deeper questions of life, and of death.  For some, receiving spiritual care will provide calm and a caring presence in anxious times.  For others, it may involve prayer, scripture reading, or other religious support.  Spiritual care may also include crisis intervention, ethical and theological guidance for end-of-life issues, and contacting community clergy on behalf of patients and families.

Chaplains in Bon Secours Richmond Health System are either ordained ministers or lay leaders endorsed in pastoral care ministry by their respective ecclesial bodies.  All of the chaplains have a master’s degree in divinity or theology and a minimum of four units of Clinical Pastoral Education.  They are also board-certified or board-eligible. 

When should you call a chaplain?
•    When a patient, family member or staff is in need of empathetic support
•    During times of crisis and change, such as with a new diagnosis
•    To address end-of-life issues
•    To assist with religious needs including prayers and rituals
•    To complete an Advance Medical Directive

When are chaplains available?
•    Upon request from a patient, family member, or medical staff member
•    They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

What specific services do chaplains offer?
-Assistance with Advance Medical Directives (Medical Power of Attorney and Living Will)
-Bereavement Support

-Contacting and coordinating pastoral care with community clergy
-Coordinating sacramental needs and other rituals
-Guidance and support in crisis situations
-Crisis Intervention (Chaplains are part of the first-responder teams for emergencies both in the hospital and
-Ministry to Behavioral Health patients through group sessions
-Monthly Ecumenical Prayer Service
-Pastoral visits to patients and family members to provide pastoral and emotional support
-Referrals to other clinical disciplines (i.e. psychiatric nursing, behavioral health)
-Interdisciplinary consultations (i.e. ethics consultations, palliative care consultations)
-Spiritual guidance and pastoral care to staff in times of significant personal events including loss, grief, and   transition
-Support to staff in integrating spirituality into their ministry to patients and coworkers
-Provision of Bibles, sacred texts and religious literature

Contact Information
To page a chaplain at any time, day or night, call: 804-287-PRAY (7729)
To reach the Pastoral Care office at any of our facilities, call 804-285-2011 and our operators will assist you.

Volunteer Opportunities
Spiritual Care Partners - For more information, call 804-281-8393 or send an email to

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