Faith Community Services

The Faith Community Services program has a network that offers opportunities for spiritual growth, mentoring, education, and community resources to health ministers and congregations.

This assistance is offered as part of Bon Secours Richmond’s ongoing commitment to improve the health of the faith community. Bon Secours’ primary goals are to:

  • Train nurses using the International Parish Nurse Resource Center curriculum.
  • Train health ministers and church leaders in health and wellness concepts to enable congregations in the development of a health ministry.
  • Provide spiritual, supportive one-on-one consultation, theological reflections, devotions and prayers.
  • Assist with individual and congregational health assessments and development of health/wellness programs.
  • Act as a referral resource to health and community agencies.
  • Link health ministers with other ministries; local, state and national organizations and agencies, and program opportunities.

For additional information, please visit the Faith Community Services Web page or contact Yolonda Thompson, Administrative Director at (804) 627-5565. 


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